From Regulation to Reality: Harnessing AI to Extract Regulatory Requirements into PLM

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital, connected, and automated products, product integrity must be ensured through compliance with various regulations, norms, and standards. In the automotive industry, digitalization, electromobility, and automated driving have pushed regulators to new heights, with a 10-fold increase in regulations in the last 5 years. This continues to reshape the automotive industry, and the need for a robust solution to navigate regulatory compliance becomes essential. Regulations aren’t just product requirements; they are complex and critical tasks that must be met with an integrated organizational approach.

In this webinar, we will dive into the complexity of the product compliance landscape and discover how AI enables a new way of managing regulatory requirements and seamless integration with product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. Learn how data can be created from regulatory documents to facilitate a data-driven approach to technical compliance. By automating the extraction of regulatory requirements from technical documents such as regulations, legislation, and standards, AI streamlines the flow of critical information directly into the PLM system, with the data effortlessly integrated into the development process. However, it is not only the initial integration of regulatory requirements that is key to modern product compliance solutions but also the monitoring and continuous updating of these requirements. A data-driven approach increases efficiency and reduces manual processes, resulting in significant cost savings and an added layer of regulatory security.