Aras Academic Program

Hands-on experience with leading edge PLM technology


Fostering PLM Research and Innovation in Academia

With the Aras PLM framework and solution suite, students can be true innovators, researching and creating new technologies, approaches and ideas, and building skills that are in high demand in commercial markets.

Educational institutions of all kinds can enrich their curriculum with an Aras Academic Subscription; this includes high schools, universities, technical schools and professional schools. The Aras experience is irreplaceable in the undergraduate and graduate level not only for engineering students but also for business, management and computer science students as well.

 Academic Program

PLM for Students and Educators Benefits Everyone

The Aras Academic Program provides students with the opportunity to explore applications, versatility and benefits PLM offers in product innovation, design, development and management.

Benefits for Students & Educators

  • Unlimited access to flexible, scalable and upgradable PLM software
  • Access to the Aras Community for project collaboration and custom curriculum
  • Hands-on exposure to PLM so students can transition to the professional workforce

Benefits for Academic Institutions

  • Instructional aid for teaching PLM, product development & model-based SOA programming concepts
  • Development of add-ons, enhancements, new solutions & projects with the Aras Community
  • Use Aras PLM to streamline your institution’s document management and other internal business processes

Aras Academic Users

Academic institutions around the world are using Aras in the classroom, and providing future business and technology leaders with advanced training in one of today’s hottest areas: innovation.

 Academic Program
 Academic Program
 Academic Program
 Academic Program
 Academic Program

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The Aras Academic Program is a program that makes Aras Innovator available to educators and students. Get started by clicking the links below.

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