Industrial Manufacturing

Accelerate your product innovation

Industrials are tackling complex problems in order to build the next generation of innovative equipment. Those who adapt increase market share and enjoy higher margins. Choose technology that can keep pace with innovation.

 Industrial Manufacturing

Engineer What's Next

From smart, connected to autonomous is less about features and more about reliability. Build, connect, and service in order to eliminate inefficiencies and inform next generation products.

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Connect Ecosystems

Product complexity and customer-centric business models require collaboration. To sustainably connect information created across the lifecycle, the Digital Thread is essential.

 Industrial Manufacturing

Increase Margins

Innovating through customer-centric business models requires the right approach to data, process, and service. A flexible platform is required to support Product-as-a-Service business models.

Customers Using Aras Industrial Manufacturing Solutions


Conquer the Challenges of Accelerating Product Complexity

Exploding product complexity often result in overdesigns, functional failures, release delays, or costly leaner expansion of workforce. These are the primary drivers beyond digital engineering initiatives: evolve people, data, and processes to effectively manage these complexities. The key is to understand the role that Systems Thinking has in mitigating functional product failures.

 Industrial Manufacturing
 Industrial Manufacturing

Managing Product-as-a-Service with the Digital Twin

When it comes to complex products such as aerospace and defense equipment, commercial aircraft and new, software-rich automobiles, it can be difficult to keep track of products configurations. For those pursuing PaaS business models, this lack of configuration knowledge can lead to costly, unplanned downtime.

The Aras Platform is our central station for all of our product-related data. At Tamturbo, we can’t imagine being without it.

Igor Nagaev, CEO Tamturbo