Adventures in the PLM Multiverse: Mastering Product Development Timelines

Consumers choose products with ever-increasing features in today’s highly competitive commercial landscape. To succeed in this landscape, companies are investing in efficient product development strategies as a key differentiator in determining their success. Adopting a modular product development approach where many product variants are derived from a common platform has become a best practice. However, this approach requires the ability to match the innumerable customer requirements and all the combinations of product options conceived in the development phase. Most of the Variant Management tools available in the market cannot handle this challenge, addressing variability only on the already developed product as it is presented to consumers.

The new Variant Management application in the Aras Innovator platform is designed to cover not only the customer-facing product variants but also the development process of these variants, including the mapping to product requirements and other product representations. It leverages the power of Aras Innovator, including its flexibility and connectivity, to provide a solution that applies to the complete Digital Thread. This allows companies to manage product variants from the start of their development process, addressing complexity in an efficient manner, and reducing the overall product development cycle, thus delivering value to their customers faster.

In this webinar, Rodrigo Britto Maria, Aras presales engineer for EMEA, will demonstrate how the Aras Variant Management application can be used in a product development scenario, highlighting the connection with product requirements and discussing the key differentiators that can help you manage the variability of your products across their development lifecycles.