From the Excel Chaos to Centralized Product Data Management

Excel-based management makes finding the most current data very difficult, with users making copies, changing data, or saving new versions of documents. When Tamturbo went through a period of rapid growth, which resulted in more complex products and data to manage, they quickly realized the importance of systematic data management.

Tamturbo produces oil-free, touch-free, and care-free turbocompressors for several industries and provides 24/7 remote monitoring of their equipment. It is critical for all departments – from sales and service to designers and developers – to have easy access to accurate product data.

In this webinar, Tamturbo’s Ollipekka Jaatinen and Fulvisol’s Petri Surakka will discuss how Tamturbo achieved a clear, traceable view of the entire lifecycle of its compressors by federating all data into one system available across their entire value chain.

Please register today and get insights on how a growing organization can leverage product lifecycle management (PLM) to boost its productivity, save costs on outsourcing resources, and deliver design structures for customers.  With access to one data hub, users can connect their CAD system to Aras Innovator, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all CAD libraries and much more.