Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Thomas Skogen, a Business Consultant and Product Manager at Aras Gold Partner Minerva. Thomas has a unique perspective on PLM as he has deep experience with both Aras and Oracle’s Agile system.

I asked Thomas what was different about the two systems and he said that it starts with the initial implementation…

A business consultant or a project manager may think Agile is easy, but then you start to implement it and the customer says to you, “Well I would like the system to do this.” And you say “No.” “Why?” “It can’t.” “Okay but can we get it to do this?” “No, you can’t.”

So the most important thing as an Agile implementer is to learn to say the word “No” because the system cannot do it. The fact is that the Agile system can do what it does and we can implement only that.

However, when you implement Aras, the word “no” is not in your vocabulary. So the customer says “Well I’d like the system to do this, can it?” And the response is “yes, we can make it do that.” The take away from this is that Agile is a closed system. I think of it as a box. It may function ok within the box, but you’re hard pressed to go any further than the limits of that box.

While Aras is an open system, with basically no boundaries. With the Aras platform you have the ability to modify existing functionality, add new functionality, expand internal and externally, and build new apps as needed.

Do you have experience with Aras and Agile? If so, share your experience [email protected].

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we take a closer look at the Aras Difference the impact on your PLM journey.