Plural Technology published a recent blog entry titled, "REST in Peace PLM." While I agree with many points in the post, including the need for PLM to "rise to the challenge and adopt new technologies to remain relevant," there are a few topics I would like to elaborate on. Plural does a great job discussing Representational State Transfer (REST); however, they fail to mention Simple Option Access Protocol (SOAP). The two do much of the same things but have key differences.

REST is compact and easier for developers to use but it does not have the high security standards of SOAP. SOAP supports point to point (SSL), as does REST, but SOAP also supports WS-Security which adds enterprise grade security features.

At Aras, we use the SOAP approach due to its enterprise security capabilities. And when it comes to securing your data, we don't mess around.

We worked with defense industry customers to develop our authentication and data rights model. It satisfies ITAR and other military compliance requirements. In addition, it has been independently certified for the entire Microsoft platform ensuring the highest level of confidence for mission-critical enterprise solutions.

To learn more about SOAP and REST check out this informative article titled, "REST vs SOAP, The Difference Between Soap and Rest."

Then, learn more about our security model.