Aras Innovator® has one of the best security, authentication and data access rights models the PLM market has to offer. It was defined early on by our defense industry customers, which means it meets government security specifications.

The entire Aras platform is a roles-based system including workflow processes. Every Item (known as a business object outside of Aras) is linked to a need-to-know access control list which specifies the access rights of each User with that data element. By defining permissions down to a specific PO, Document or Part, only the right people can see, access, edit or delete Items. For example, an entry-level employee who makes videos won't have the same permissions as C-level executive; however, the executive won't be able to edit the videos. Each individual user belonging to a specific role or group is guided through a workflow that is tailored to their process requirements and your company decides which components each group/department of users can see, edit and maintain.

Aras out-of-the-box configuration implements data access security to the Item level. It controls Read, Discover, Update, Create, Delete and Modify-Rights, for any Data Item by any Identity, where Identity is a hierarchical construct with inheritance of access rights permissions.

Aras Data Access Security Features include:

  • Secure Access through Authentication and Access Control Lists
  • Internal or External Authentication Control through LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Authentication Required with every Transaction; No Risk of Session Hijacking for Unauthorized Data Access
  • Access Controls include Per User and Per Group Defined Access Control Lists
  • Defined Access Control Lists Enable Aras to meet the most stringent Need-To-Know Requirements
  • Workflow and Lifecycle assignments made to Identities in the security model.

While the other PLM vendors provide item-level security as well, none offer the detail and protection that comes with Aras Innovator. And of course, we offer training with the famous Bob on how to configure, tailor and customize Aras Innovator — and you don't need to be a programmer or in IT to do it!