Valley Fine Foods is an independent, family-owned company with a mission to produce 100% natural foods rich with gourmet flavor.  The company manufacturers many different kinds of premium, high-quality filled pastas– yum!
For years, the fresh pasta and sauce maker tracked formulas and recipes using lots of spreadsheets and notebooks.  A new formula and recipe management solution from PSC Group and Aras has added security, consistency, and manufacturing controls that ensure quality for every batch and bring delight to each meal.
Valley Fine Foods has three different brands – Three Bridges, Pasta Prima, and Artisola – and, believe it or not, they all have their own formulas, recipes, labels, and shipping information.  With so much of this information stored in spreadsheets and notebooks, the product information was hard to find and manage and they knew there had to be an easier way.  That’s when Valley Fine Foods turned to Aras and Aras partner PSC Group.
Using Aras, PSC Group helped move Valley Fine Foods’ product formulas and recipes from stand-alone spreadsheets and text documents into a searchable database, easily accessible by anyone in the company with the right credentials.
With the new formula and recipe management solution built on Aras Innovator, Valley Fine Foods has improved communication among departments, shortened the time it takes to retrieve critical product information, and added security, consistency, and manufacturing controls.

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Posted Wed, Nov 25 2015 8:30 AM by Anna