Do you need an easy way to access emails and their attachments within Aras Innovator?  Try out the Email Connector community project by DataSqare.

Email communication is incredibly important in today's business world.  The integration of emails into your PLM system; beyond the standard workflow emails, is a considerable advantage when it comes to gap-less documentation and the directed distribution of information.

With the Datasquare solution, emails from any email client supporting the IMAP protocol can be directly transferred to Aras Innovator.  Incoming and outgoing emails (and their attachments!) can be assigned to processes or projects.  This saves valuable time in legacy scenarios where the recipient manually forwards the email; the Email Connector ensures optimal documentation and communication.

The community project version of the Email Connector is available at no charge and is also available as a commercial version for Aras Subscribers.  The commercial version has all the same great capabilities as the community project, with an included email management assistant that makes mass processing and distribution of permissions possible.

For more information, check out Datasquare's partner page.