Simplifying and synchronizing the transition from EBOM to MBOM

Managing complex business processes globally that extend through product development into manufacturing is effortless with the Aras PLM Platform Application—Aras Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP). MPP possesses capabilities that allow multiple, editable views of the same data for the Manufacturing Process Plan, Work Instructions, and Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM). Utilizing the MPP, they can be automatically synchronized as changes occur—can your application do that?

Using MPP, engineers can manage their entire process by concurrently defining manufacturing processes, work instructions, and MBOMs while avoiding EBOM/MBOM conflicts using intuitive, visual cues with immediate feedback to reconcile the two. You are not running reports after you did all your hard work only to learn some inaccuracies that need resolution—can your app do that? 

Authoring your process plan

Products that combine complex mechanical designs, electronics, software, and firmware require detailed process plans. These process plans include operations, equipment, and tooling illustrated by models, drawings, pictures, graphics, videos, and text. With MPP multiple users can edit different levels of the MBOM at the same time, apply conflict resolution, and create visually rich electronic work instructions concurrently with the process Plan!

MPP provides the ability to add phantoms, consumables, etc. to the MBOM. In addition, MPP has drag and drop editing to restructure the MBOM while maintaining the digital thread along with real-time automatic reconciliation indicators between the EBOM and MBOM, and from the as-designed to the as-planned configurations.

Create process plans with (re)purpose

We all believe our situation is unique at a plant, on a specific line, etc. This doesn’t mean your process plan has to be. Since there is a digital thread created when process plans are made, they become searchable. This enables engineers to repurpose completed process plans that are similar to your plant processes and allows engineers to modify existing plans to improve productivity and efficiency.

Push data your way

The Aras PLM platform is open by design. The data was created by you and should be easily accessed so that other systems and groups can use that data to get their jobs done. Your ERP systems need the MBOM to develop supply chain requirements for materials. The process plan needs to be sent to the MES system to start the process of building the product. Once your process plans are complete, they can be shared to your MES system. Most other systems have separate tools to do MBOM to ERP and process plan to MES.  With MPP its one in the same – can your app do that?

Seeing is believing

With MPP engineers can transform your company’s EBOM to MBOM while at the same time building work instructions and process plans. This results in increased productivity for the team building the MBOM while keeping everything up to date in real-time.

MPP provides an intuitive user interface with full traceability of a digital thread across the product lifecycle. Most other solutions create a gap in traceability because these processes are siloed, making it very difficult to keep data in sync. The result is increased product cost, reduced quality, and slower time to market. This also means your existing solutions are not up to the task of supporting todays and tomorrow’s product complexity challenges.

At Aras, seeing is believing. We invite you to attend our upcoming Demo Series entitled “It’s Time to Reconcile Your Manufacturing Process Plans.” If you are struggling to keep your process plans, work instructions, and MBOM in sync through the many changes that can happen with complex products, this must-attend webinar is for you!