"If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong." Charles Kettering, Engineer

Charles Kettering, American Engineer and Inventor of the Electric Starter has a legacy for being an Innovator. When I first read that quote, I was immediately inspired to BE DIFFERENT.

The world around us is changing, faster now than ever before. It is imperative to be different. You must drive change within yourself, your industry and your company, to stay relevant.

Think back just ten small years ago to the consumer cell phone industry. There was maybe a new phone, with major improvements, every two years. This then moved to every year and now new cellphones with major changes, that generate revenue producing impact, are coming out multiple times a year. With changes occurring this fast, how do you keep up? You innovate and do things differently.

Another great reference for the speed of change can be found in cars. Things have really come a long way from Charles' invention of the electric starter. What used to be purely mechanical, moved to electromechanical. And today, cars tout thousands of mechanical, electrical, software and firmware components. Look at any new car on the road today and you’re staring down the face of one of the most complex BOMs known to man.

Now maybe this should be obvious, but you cannot use the same design processes now as you did 100, 50, or even just 5 years ago. With the increasing complexity of products, I urge you to break outside the way "it's always been". Drive change.

Create an environment that embraces continuous improvement. Be Different.

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