AVEVA is focusing on connecting the industrial ecosystem and providing data in context 

From the first keynotes at this year's AVEVA World, held October 23-26, the focus was on shared data connectivity in a multi-vendor, distributed industrial ecosystem and how it can increase impact, inform sustainability initiatives, and increase resilience in a time of rapid technological change. With the explosive advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, and with generative AI in particular, the time for a data-centric platform solution is now!

In his keynote, AVEVA CEO Caspar Herzberg spoke about their broad ecosystem of partners on AVEVA Connect and how it is fast becoming the heart of their industrial software environment. Herzberg explained why Connect is uniquely positioned to leverage AVEVA solutions to provide a single source of truth for trusted data, analytics, command and control, and decision-making. The bottom line? AVEVA Connect provides an industrial cloud platform for managing connected data, intelligent search, and enhanced decision-making. This is central to AVEVA's portfolio and solution strategy for their customers. 

Rob McGreevy, AVEVA's Chief Product Officer, discussed their research into using Large Language Models (LLMs) to assist in the intelligent search of industrial data. AVEVA is experimenting with using LLMs in their Innovation Labs to infuse AI into their connected data platform to help customers in their search, analysis, and management decisions.

Bry Dillon, SVP, Partners at AVEVA, summed it up best this way:

Data is one of the few resources that gets more valuable the more it is used.

Establishing a connected, collaborative Digital Thread

Aras brings a powerful digital thread platform to AVEVA and its ecosystem of applications and data. It adds a traceability and lifecycle management capability to their industry-leading suite of industry solutions. It allows users to track their industrial assets from ideation to FEED, design, construction, operations, and end-of-life. This unbroken flow of digital data helps companies gain critical insights to inform decisions throughout the asset's lifecycle. It improves communication and collaboration among individuals, distributed teams, and the global supply chain. 

This results in a connected, encompassing digital thread for complex engineered assets, bringing seamless data connectivity and extremely valuable context to that data that can be leveraged to gain new insights, leverage AI, and enable a new level of cross-lifecycle collaboration.

AVEVA and Aras sign Lighthouse Agreement with McDermott

AVEVA and Aras recently announced that McDermott signed a lighthouse agreement with both companies to develop its asset lifecycle management capability across the energy transition, oil and gas, and nuclear sectors. In a joint presentation with Aras and AVEVA at AVEVA World, McDermott shared their view on why the industry needs asset lifecycle management and a cohesive digital thread architecture to deliver on the goals of digital transformation. The presentation recording will become available sometime before the end of the year. 

The McDermott agreement follows a recent strategic OEM partnership between AVEVA and Aras to deliver a new series of scalable AVEVA offerings built on top of the modular Aras Innovator platform. The goal is to overcome the challenges of deploying Product Lifecycle Management in large capital projects, the marine shipbuilding industry, and the design, construction, and operation of continuous-process plants. 

The seamless integration of Aras Innovator with AVEVA Unified Engineering, AVEVA Asset Information Management, and other AVEVA tools and services will enable the creation of an engineering system of record. A trusted single source of truth will allow customers to improve engineering efficiency, data control and distribution, and traceability across the entire asset lifecycle. The Aras platform will extend the capabilities of AVEVA's trusted EPC tools into a collaborative project space inclusive of requirements management and workflow-driven capabilities.

As Roque Martin, CEO of Aras, said: 

AVEVA's robust industry asset lifecycle management solutions, built on the Aras platform, will enable McDermott to design and better manage their customers' asset lifecycle data by leveraging a fully connected digital thread of the asset's engineering and operations information. From the start, these solutions will be guided by the voice of experienced industry global organizations such as McDermott to ensure that together, we create useful, usable, and powerful software for our joint customer base.

Roque Martin and  Caspar Herzberg met at AVEVA World to reaffirm the strategic nature of the partnership to both companies and review its goals. The goal of the Asset Lifecycle Management program is to realize benefits like lowered costs and risks over the project lifecycle, improve decision-making across the entire asset lifecycle, achieve better compliance and traceability, and enhance collaboration across the industrial ecosystem via an industrial intelligence platform.

Overall, there was strong interest in the Aras / AVEVA partnership at AVEVA World. Check out the recording of the latest version of the demo to see why. For more information on the partnership, the companies' joint project with McDermott, and more, here are some additional resources: