Don’t Waste Your Company’s Money

Unlock the Power of PLM

Join PwC Germany and Aras for a transformative webinar experience, “Don’t Waste Your Company’s Money – Unlock the Power of PLM”. In this session, we address a critical issue for Boards worldwide – the inadvertent waste of valuable resources and money due to limited awareness of the capabilities of a holistic approach to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Our webinar will explore three essential themes to shed light on the transformative potential of PLM:

  1. PLM as a Holistic Strategy: Discover the power of PLM as a comprehensive strategy that can reshape your approach to product development and lifecycle management. Learn how integrating PLM can drive efficiency and innovation and provide a competitive advantage.
  2. The Board’s Role in PLM Strategy: We firmly believe that Boards should be actively engaged in their company’s PLM strategy. Learn why optimizing processes holistically and connecting your tool landscape is essential for achieving success.
  3. Navigating Common Pitfalls: Gain insights into a prevalent pitfall – relegating PLM transformations to lower organizational levels without adequate change management. Learn how to implement a structured and effective organizational change management strategy and commitment to ensure that PLM initiatives yield maximum returns.

This session features perspectives from two industry leaders, Aras and PwC Germany, representing both the tool developer and business integrator angles. Together, they will provide valuable insights on executing digital transformations effectively. Join us as we embark on a journey to maximize the benefits of PLM, drive innovation, and ensure sustainable growth.