From 3 Weeks To 3 Minutes: How Amulet Hotkey Streamlined Product Management

Learn how a leading technology provider was able to significantly reduce its product development cycle times by leveraging the Aras PLM platform.

Amulet Hotkey, a global provider of innovative computing and visualization solutions, faced numerous challenges in managing its product development process. With multiple teams working on different product components, tracking changes and ensuring consistency became increasingly difficult. In addition, the process of managing product data and associated documents was time-consuming, leading to long development cycle times.

In this webinar, Martin Bladon, Aras Customer Success Manager, will explore how Nick Redfern, NPI engineer, and his team at Amulet Hotkey overcame these challenges by adopting the Aras PLM platform. They will share their experiences implementing and using the Aras PLM platform and discuss how it has improved their ability to manage product data and accelerate product development. If you are a product manager or engineering leader looking to streamline your product development process, this webinar is a must.