Systems Architecture

Manage unified systems architecture across product lifecycle

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 Systems Architecture

Engineers waste a lot of time repetitively re-discovering and re-analyzing issues that were already addressed before. And yet resolved system model instances don’t persist as managed configurations. Formal management of system variability is key to tracing of what was done and understanding how it can be reused.

The Aras low-code industrial platform enables engineers to formally manage system models authored in tools like Cameo without limiting their creative freedom but with an ability to rely on formal configuration management when appropriate.

See how a tool-agnostic Systems Architecture is created in Aras Platform from structures authored in an external SysML modeling tool. Using the platform, the model is linked with requirements and verified using simulation to validate parameters associated with the requirements. This shows how the platform enables management of complex systems in a broader context of system-of-systems.

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Learn how the platform approach to system development in aerospace and defense, integrates MBSE, software, requirements management, simulation, and maintenance with examples of how to use the integrated platform to deploy a rapid development greenhouse environment, agile R&D, design space exploration, and supply chain integration.

Systems Thinking and the Complexity of MBSE Models

The connectivity needs of complex products have OEMs rethinking their design methodologies. Embracing a systems engineering, or model-based (MBSE) approach is key to managing interdependencies and minimizing risks.

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 Systems Architecture

Create What’s Next

What will it take to create the next innovation in product and business strategy? CIOs are rethinking their technology infrastructures and seeking out nimbler approaches.

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 Systems Architecture

The Resilient Platform

At Aras, we think the word “visionary” describes a resilient thinker. Discover why resilient thinkers need a resilient platform to meet tomorrow’s unknown challenges.

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 The Resilient Platform: Three Essential Characteristics

The Case for the Digital Thread

Industrial Manufacturers need to move quickly to decide whether they are on the right path to avoid disruption from existing and new competition. With this in mind, the path becomes clear – innovate and incorporate the technology that customers are looking for in their next-generation products and implement the Digital Thread.

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 Systems Architecture

We saw a 600% efficiency-saving in managing electronic drawings with Aras. The time it takes to produce data packs has decreased dramatically because today we just need to press a single button.

Jamie Griffin, Operations & Engineering Director, Racal Acoustics