Keith Shaw of Foundry recently welcomed Aras CTO Rob McAveney and me to their Needham, MA studio! Their video DEMO series provides an opportunity for vendors to do a quick “show and tell” of their product, who it’s for, and how it works. On the May 29 episode, Rob explained the concept of a digital thread and demonstrated how Aras Innovator® maintains connections to critical product information, allowing teams to track digital assets throughout the product lifecycle.

The right data to the right people at the right time

The digital thread brings data and the people in the process together to create interconnectedness and traceability across the product lifecycle. The specific use case Rob’s demo highlights a collaboration session where a request has come in to research a problem. Rob walks through how a user would navigate the digital thread to get to the root of that problem.

The demonstration includes a peek at Aras’ Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) application, a simulation study, and 3D visualization all through the digital thread lens. Check it out!


The Aras Effect

Many Aras customers are companies using traditional PLM software that need help keeping pace. Aras’ open, adaptable, scalable digital thread platform, with most applications included and the ability to customize and add composable applications, enables organizations to transform digitally, making their businesses more agile and resilient. We call that the Aras Effect.

Thanks to Keith and Foundry for the opportunity to participate in your DEMO video series! Visit our for more information on how you can own your digital thread.