It's a classic buyer scenario.  The project has been scoped, the demos have been done, and you're really sold on a specific product that you're sure will meet the company's needs.  But with most PLM vendors now using a named user licensing scheme, which requires individual module pricing too, the upfront licensing costs alone can stop a PLM initiative before it even starts.  But NOT getting that PLM license can cost you dearly too.  What are the viable options for moving forward?

If you’re stuck: Stop the bleeding and contain the damage. Determine who really needs access to all the advanced functionality of the PDM / PLM system and limit your licenses to those 100 or 200 individuals.  Then figure out how to post data out of that system so that everyone can access and work with it. Microsoft Sharepoint or open source are both great options. If you're still trying to swallow that quote, make sure you do your homework and check out all the PLM systems that may fit your needs before you get caught in a sinkhole.