Take a look at the firms and products in the above graphic.  Look beyond the coolness factor.  I mean, who doesn’t want their own A350 or M1 Abrams tank?  What they all have in common is a complex set of requirements and a HIGHLY interconnected product definition.  Back in the day products were all about the mechanical systems.  In todays products the mechanical systems and electrical systems are symbiotic – one cannot live without the other.

Here at Aras, we are concerned with the challenges product teams face when they are limited by disconnected and resource-intensive processes.  A key challenge is the disconnected processes that enable products, systems, hardware and software.  We believe that for PLM software to truly power your Business of Engineering it needs to enable strong integration with ALM software.  With this integration we can tackle problems like:

  • Defining and releasing engineering deliverables
  • Handling the different pace of change
  • Coordinating integrated product configurations across the disciplines

We started working with Airbus and IBM last year on this initiative.  Along the way we made exciting progress and give a real-time demonstration of our reference architecture at the ProSTEP OSLC Conference.

Here is your chance to see the fruits of this labor for yourself.  Engineering.com is hosting a webinar with Airbus titled: New Approaches to ALM/PLM Cross-Discipline Product Development

Webinar Information: This webinar will demonstrate what can be achieved today using real-world scenarios for faster development, improved cross-discipline coordination, and reduced disruption in current processes for engineering complex systems-centric products.


  • Airbus Group: Andreas Keis heads systems engineering process and platform research within Airbus Group.
  • IBM: Stephen Denman, IoT World Wide Enablement Team at IBM
  • Aras: Doug Macdonald, Product Marketing Director, Aras

Reserve your spot for this webinar, grab your favorite snack and soak in all of the new tech specifically designed to help you develop next-generation systems.



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Posted Thu, Feb 4 2016 5:05 PM by David Ewing Jr.