With today's products becoming more and more complex, the PLM industry is faced with new challenges.

In a recent whitepaper, Making the Case for Resilient PLM, Desktop Engineering says, "Sticking with yesterday's PLM status quo is not a recipe for success when developing tomorrow's next generation products.  The best way to future-proof your R&D efforts is to choose a resilient PLM platform."

The paper goes on to identify that a resilient PLM platform can handle critical shifts like changing business models, entering new markets or acquiring companies.  A PLM solution that is designed to be resilient must be scalable, flexible, adaptable, upgradeable and economical.  A truly resilient PLM system should last far beyond 10 years. And Aras is noted as a resilient PLM platform that will support enterprise business processes now and into the future.

"Aras Innovator's resilient approach to PLM reduces the complexity of maintaining and evolving the PLM backbone.  With Aras Innovator, PLM becomes a sustainable investment that evolves with the business and that grows with a company over time," says Desktop Engineering.

Is your current PLM system future-proof? 

Read the white paper to learn more.