For today’s global companies, creating a streamlined and cohesive value chain requires coordinating product design and development work across a complex ecosystem of third-party suppliers, partners, and contractors.  

In this environment, ensuring security and accelerating time-to-value could be mutually exclusive goals. But the ability to offer suppliers secure access to Aras Innovator provides both visibility into just the information suppliers need to see, and the means to update it efficiently 

See how in the video below. Or, watch the full-length demonstration here: Connect and Secure Your Product Ecosystem with the Digital Thread.


Visualize Your Complete Digital Thread 

In Aras Innovator, when engineering teams work in a vibrant ecosystem with third-party suppliers, they can easily visualize which partner organizations are responsible for which parts. This takes place in Graph Navigation, which can be easily configured by your administrator to visualize, navigate, and explore your unique Digital Thread, including both external organizations and internal processes.  

Collaborate in Context 

When changes to a part or system include a suppler-owned subassembly, as in the case of this SD storage and software component, collaboration between OEM and supplier can take place in the context of Aras Innovator, so as not compromise security or traceability.  

The secure Visual Collaboration interface available on any item in Aras Innovator ensures that only users with access—internal or external to the organization—can see the messages relevant to them. Anyone with permissions, even users without a CAD license, can add and view 3D markups and annotations to help support the change request, while simultaneously discussing issues in real time across the platform. 

Control Supplier Access  

When supplier-owned parts are under change, adding them to a change order can automatically kick off an email notification to the supplier, complete with a link right to the change item in Aras Innovator. 

Suppliers have a view into the Aras platform that is unique to their permissions, allowing them to only view and edit a limited set of all the data stored on the platform. With permissions, they can see the information the OEM provideslike markups and collaboration—and they can securely communicate back. But other data across the platform and even across an individual item, including its form and relationship data, can be excluded from a supplier’s view, ensuring the security of your valuable IP.  

Implement Change across the Extended Enterprise 

When the change is returned from the supplier, the OEM can view any markup they return with the change: eliminating the need to go searching across emails or chat tools to find the information they are looking for. Instead, it’s right in context with the task they need to do 

Streamlined supplier collaboration in Aras Innovator works across multiple organizations, suppliers, and partnersproviding a secure and accelerated change process that includes notifications, collaboration, and visualization to support accuracy and efficiency.   

See the complete demonstration here, Connect and Secure Your Product Ecosystem with the Digital Thread, or download Aras Innovator yourself to try it out today.