In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, an organization’s ability to continually adapt is critical to staying current with evolving digital processes. Product complexity is not going anywhere, therefore, we, at Aras, need to continually evolve with you to support what’s next in the industries you serve.

That is why we continue to disrupt the product lifecyle management (PLM) space. We are known for being cloud capable and upgradeable – which has been validated by third party research. We have powerful capabilities to enable our customers to sustain operating at the cutting edge of product innovation.

We recently announced how we intend continue our pace of disruption by accelerating our release schedule. This shift provides our customers with unmatched speed and value of upgrades by enabling them to rapidly deploy and realize the benefits of new capabilities. Combine this with our low-code platform and open architecture, customers can quickly adapt to new processes, increase business resiliency, and meet the demands of the most complex scenarios.

Our cloud leadership continues
We have been beating the “PLM on the cloud” drum for years. We continued to extend our cloud leadership by announcing Aras Enterprise SaaS, which allows large companies to fast-track cloud modernization and replacement of legacy product data management (PDM) systems. Alternately, if full replacement of existing on-premise legacy is not the priority, the flexibility and open connectivity of Aras enables cloud platform overlay scenarios for faster digitalization of strategic processes without the disruption of legacy replacement. To learn more, read our eBook, Aras Cloud and the Future of PLM.

What's in Release 14? How about 15 or even 16?
Starting with Aras Innovator 14, new platform features, plus any updates to applications, connectors, or platform components, will be released together every five weeks. This agile schedule empowers global enterprises to increase their business resiliency by quickly adapting to new digital priorities, unforeseen circumstances, and changing business conditions, all while maintaining the flexibility to validate and adopt new capabilities on their own timeline.

What’s important to understand is that we won’t stop releasing. Customers will be getting capabilities every five weeks to drive business forward. Here is a quick overview of what’s in Release 14:

  • Styling refresh – More modern look and feel to buttons and the layout of forms.
  • New table of contents (TOC) editor – The administrator can view by identity, and in an upcoming release you will be able to switch localization on the fly.
  • Tree grid view – More styling and usability updates. For example, you can have icons in context menus.
  • Federated flag – This is the start of more enhancements to federation services.
  • Telemetry Enhancements have been made to provide customers with a constant stream of feedback to help them learn about performance, problems, and security issues with their system. Aras follows the open telemetry standard and is integrated with Microsoft (MS) Application Insights.

See for yourself how fast paced our release cadence is by checking out our public roadmap. You can filter in many ways to see what is next to support your efforts in PLM with views of Aras Innovator’s capabilities, applications, and components.

The secret to success: flexible technology
Marc Lind, SVP of Strategy at Aras, said it best in his blog, Digital Transformation Drives New Enterprise Software Criteria: Flexibility, “Flexibility is your key to being able to handle whatever comes next. To support those new digital processes, you need to quickly change your enterprise software application’s data models, business rules, forms/screens, workflows and more. You need to do all this without the complex programming & compiling that’s required with conventional enterprise systems; it takes too long, is unsustainable and creates instant legacy because you can’t take updates/upgrade.” Want proof that this is possible? Read the latest research from CIMdata.

Our new release schedule is all about providing greater flexibility and agility for our subscribers. This rapid cadence of feature releases is both a market differentiator and a testament to the agility of Aras Innovator. We’re enabling our subscribers to adopt new functionality faster, with less effort and risk to business operations – enabling them to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving business requirements.

And by the way, as soon as you’re done adapting, changing, customizing, there will be another disruption around the corner that will force your business to transform again, again, and again. Therefore, Aras is here for our customers to continue to disrupt the PLM industry.