“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” A famous Steve Jobs quote that boils down an essential truth: the future is unpredictable, and it’s foolhardy to think your vision will run its course as planned. At Aras, we instead offer a platform that can connect the dots—methodologies, tools, teams, data, etc.—so the subsequent leanness ensures the ability to adapt and pivot when, not if, the future throws its curveballs.

Recently, Lionel Grealou, wrote a follow-up article in engineering.com entitled “Aras on Systems Thinking: Connecting the Red Dots Toward Continuous Transformation” in which he answers his 4 key questions from the first article regarding how organizations can tailor their PLM platforms to meet operating model and integration requirements.

We were very impressed with Lionel’s perceptive ability to understand and articulate the importance that systems thinking plays in connecting the company’s business model with design methodologies in the Aras approach. We believe a successful Digital Transformation initiative must embrace this way of thinking.

Mark and Paweł