We are excited by all the new functionality and features to the Aras Innovator® platform that are available with our regular release schedule. At ACE 2024, our Product Design Manager, Kenny Sperling, ran a great session about all the UI/UX changes to the platform since release 14. Many people, myself included, weren’t aware of some of the amazing quality-of-life additions introduced within the past few years. While some of these are easy to miss, if you’re like me and are constantly using the platform these can be game changers. I’ll be reviewing some of these changes chronologically as well as sharing which changes come in which service pack.

Release 24 had some significant changes to how you interact with a main search grid. You  can now copy data from read-only cells in the search grid.

In addition to that, you can now edit multiple items directly from the search grid without ever having to open the item form.

Release 26 added the ability to add Help Text and Tooltips for item properties. This allows someone to better understand the information they’re being served in a search grid.

Release 27 added an excellent indicator when you’re viewing an item that is out of date. This will help you understand the context of the data you’re looking at on a form and help avoid miscommunication when discussing versioning.

Also in 27 is the ability to perform an item search by selecting multiple items at once. They’ll be joined by a pipe operator, and your search results will include all the items you have selected.

Release 28 included a fast, simple way to see who is claiming an item directly from the main search grid.

Release 30 included additional protections when modifying an older version of an item. This has already saved me plenty of time while working collaboratively with others.

And finally, the upcoming release 31 has some very interesting features. First off, we have an improved UI for advanced search. This allows you to quickly and easily select properties of a given ItemType using a custom dialog.

The final feature is the ability to perform an Excel-like fill-down for rapid data entry. This means that within a search or relationship grid, you can copy the value from one row and apply it to other items immediately.

As you can see, there are many reasons to keep your Aras Innovator environment up to date. The product is changing and improving with every quarterly release. I only chose a handful of the changes Kenny showed at ACE to share. He also went into the roadmap for 2024, discussing some really exciting features coming to the product in the next year. Keep an eye out for future blogs where I’ll be covering more exciting improvements.

Interested in hearing more about new features in Aras Innovator? Join us on May 9, 2024 at 10:00 AM ET for “What’s New in Aras Innovator,” in which John Sperling, SVP of Product Management at Aras shares a 30-minute overview and live demonstration of new capabilities, applications, and more.