Aras, a leader in product lifecycle management and digital thread solutions, today announced that EIZO, a visual technology company that develops and manufactures high-end visual solutions, is using Aras Innovator to successfully create a digital thread between development and manufacturing – enabling more streamlined, cost-effective, and adaptable processes. As a result, EIZO will be able to track products and their digital assets across the entire product lifecycle.

EIZO’s integrated approach to planning, development, production, and quality control is the foundation for its success. To achieve an integrated in-house system, end-to-end management of information from product development through to manufacturing is crucial. However, existing product data management (PDM) functions left the company unable to develop add-ons for use with Engineering Change Requests and Change Orders (ECR/ECO) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

EIZO selected Aras Innovator® as its new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, in large part because it offered:

  • Open and adaptable: Aras Innovator offers an open platform, which enables users to expand functionality themselves. Users can easily adapt as needed and evolve over time.
  • Seamless implementation: EIZO was able to transition from its old system to Aras smoothly, without impacting business operations or causing friction for employees.
  • Consolidated and streamlined workflows: EIZO can now fully track products and their digital assets from concept stage through design, manufacturing, proof-of-concept and service, providing visibility across the entire product lifecycle.
  • A clearly defined subscription model: Aras Innovator subscriptions are based on the actual number of users. Having a defined structure makes it easier for EIZO to project costs.  

To learn more about how Aras Innovator is helping EIZO bridge product development and manufacturing with the digital thread, read the full case study

Ryosuke Koizumi, IT platform development section manager, EIZO, said: “Aras Innovator is working exactly as we originally envisioned, right down to the ease of linking data together and referencing links. The way it enables data connectivity directly to machines to reflect product specs and requirements at the push of a button represents the ultimate digital thread, the ultimate mass customization. Aras Innovator has provided the foundations for us to realize that new world.”  

Masahiko Hisatsugo, president of Aras Japan, Aras, said: “Companies like EIZO must have complete visibility across the entire product lifecycle. One of the main reasons EIZO chose Aras Innovator was because of the overriding goal of creating a foundation for data exchange. They now have a complete flow of information from upstream and downstream in one place.” 

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