Aras, the only resilient platform provider for digital industrial applications, today announced that Sinfonia Technology, an international manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing devices as well as electrical components for aerospace industry, has selected Aras to improve design efficiency and break down siloed IT systems. Aras will provide solutions for document management, Bill of Materials (BOM), and project management.

Remaining innovative and agile is critical to staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business climate. Under its previous system, Sinfonia Technology’s engineering department did not have adequate time to develop new products and make improvements to its internal homegrown IT system. Sinfonia plans to use Aras’ document management, BOM, and project management resources to increase engineering department efficiency and reduce design work time. The platform will also improve data processes for archived data browsing, creating transparency between systems.

Switching to Aras will allow Sinfonia to de-silo critical business information and realize greater integration capabilities, saving the engineering department valuable time and creating greater potential for innovation. The platform is adaptable and able to accommodate current needs as well as meet future requirements as Sinfonia grows. Sinfonia expects approximately 250 employees to use the Aras platform daily.

“We at Sinfonia are looking forward to incorporating Aras Innovator into our operations,” said Mr. Makoto Sasaki, Chief of Engineering Group, Toyohashi Plant, Electrical Systems Division, Sinfonia Technology. “From the beginning we knew that Aras would be a good fit for our business thanks to their cost-efficient structure, a flexible system development environment, and high compatibility with other solutions.”

“With our flexible, compatible PLM solution, we are confident that Aras will help Sinfonia Technology reach balance in their business operations and continue to foster an effective, innovative environment,” said Masahiko Hisatsugu, VP Operations Japan. “As Sinfonia’s business continues to grow, our resilient platform will evolve with the company, enabling Sinfonia to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace while maintaining its competitive edge.”

About Sinfonia Technology
Established in 1917 as an electrical factory of Toba Shipyard, Sinfonia Technology started production of electrical equipment and ship generators for their own factory. Since then, they have contributed to the evolution of the industry through product development around generators and motors. Based on their technology and experience of over 100 years, today they serve customers globally with a wide variety of products and services including semiconductor manufacturing devices as well as electrical components for aerospace industry.

About Aras
Aras provides a resilient platform for digital industrial applications. Its open, low code technology enables the rapid delivery of flexible, upgradeable solutions for the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of complex products. Aras’ platform and product lifecycle management applications connect users in all disciplines and functions to critical product data and processes across the lifecycle and throughout the extended supply chain. Airbus, Audi, GE, GM, Honda, Kawasaki, Microsoft, and Mitsubishi are investing in the platform to manage complex change and traceability. Visit to learn more and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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