Drive Product Innovation with a Proven Ametek PLM Partner

Welcome to Aras, Ametek’s trusted partner in Product Lifecycle Management. Our expertise spans across multiple Ametek engagements. We understand the unique challenges you face as a manufacturer of electronic instruments, and we are here to help in your digital transformation journey.

Propel your mission of driving innovation to solve the most complex challenges and make the world a better place. Join your Ametek peers to rapidly innovate to new heights with Aras Innovator. Optimize manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, stay ahead of regulatory requirements and drive sustainable growth with the PLM platform of choice for Ametek brands.

Discover how Aras product lifecycle management (PLM) can help you:


Enhance Product Precision & Performance

Meet the rigorous demands of industries like aerospace, defense and semiconductor through continuously improving the precision and performance of advanced analytical and measurement instruments.


Accelerate Innovation & Time to Market

Facilitate faster product development cycles with collaborative PLM tools and efficient workflow management.


Manage Compliance

Maintain adherence to safety, environmental and quality standards with integrated compliance management tools.


Break Down Data Silos

Get a single source of truth for product data and integrate seamlessly with existing IT systems for improved collaboration.


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