Data Federation Services

Ensure the right data is available to the right people

Critical business systems have complex data models, varying business requirements, and different connection needs from one installation to the next making off-the-shelf partner integrations less ideal


View All Your Data

Processes can easily be shared between systems, based on triggers, which enables workflows across various key business systems.


Audit Connections

Standard triggers to ensure timely integration and manipulate data from external sources.


Single Interface

User-friendly data federation environment enables clarity around the vital connections between core business systems—surpassing old methods of writing custom code.


Bridging the Gap: Unifying PLM and ERP for Enhanced Systems Lifecycle Management

Explore the opportunities and challenges of this integration, through a comprehensive view of the digitized development process. Ensure a seamless, holistic management approach that spans all disciplines in your manufacturing enterprise.

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Centralizing Data From Multiple Sources Using Aras

Nidec Corporation chose Aras Innovator to centralize data from various sources due to their acquisition of multiple companies. Hear how they successfully centralized their data using Aras from Kamran Aftab, PLM management leader at Nidec.

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From Disparate Software Systems to a Centralized, Digital Backbone

Kendrion will share how they went from disparate software systems to a centralized, digital backbone with Aras Innovator. They went with a SaaS solution rather than on-premise and now maintain a single source of truth for their data coming from more than 20 sites worldwide.

The value of the analytics capability comes into play, however, only when the insights derived from the data are actionable. This occurs when companies convert raw data into information that can be used to enhance decision making and process optimization.