Securely manage data on a global scale


Security and Access

Every aspect of developing and supporting products involves creating and accessing files from many authoring environments including CAD, Microsoft Office and more. Ensuring that these files are secure and easily accessible is critical to supporting teams working across functions, across the supply chain and globally located.


Global Data Made Simple

Vault Management ensures that application files are managed securely and can be access quickly using distributed/replicated capabilities and high-speed file transfer. Vaults work in conjunction with CAD Connectors and the Microsoft Office Connector.

Key Features

  • Centralized or optionally distributed vaults
  • High-speed multi-threaded file transfer ensures fast file retrieval
  • Vault replication enables global collaboration
  • Access control is based on the Aras security model in the context of the associated document item
  • Files can be encrypted in place or in transit



  • CAD and document files are secure and always available
  • Distributed/replicated vaults support global collaboration and facilitate quick access
  • High-speed file transfer minimizes time for file transport