Dashboards & Reporting

Collaborate and take action by visualizing product data


Configurable and Secure Reports

Configure new reports without special knowledge or training with Aras’ easy to use Self-Service Reporting capability. By creating and modifying reports themselves, users get the right results and insights immediately without any delays. Reports can be outputted in multiple formats and securely shared.


Dashboards & Reporting: Enhanced Capabilities Increase Collaboration

Aras users now have reporting capability and can create dashboards to support data sharing and collaboration.

Create What's Next

What will it take to create the next innovation in product and business strategy? CIOs are rethinking their technology infrastructures and seeking out nimbler approaches.

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The Resilient Platform

At Aras, we think the word “visionary” describes a resilient thinker. Discover why resilient thinkers need a resilient platform to meet tomorrow’s unknown challenges.

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 The Resilient Platform: Three Essential Characteristics

The Case for the Digital Thread

Explore the Digital Thread. You’ll get actionable ideas for making incremental changes that result in big impacts to help your organization compete in the digital era.

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 The Case for the Digital Thread in Industrial Manufacturing

Today, we can trust our data. It is stored in one place and not lying around somewhere. Our knowledge is now visible to everyone in the company and very easy to retrieve. This saves us a lot of time – and a lot of money in the end.

Ossi Rintanen, ERP Solution Manager, Tamturbo