Composable Apps

Empowering resilient business solutions

Start with our pre-built applications, then extend

Aras Innovator allows organizations to build new applications using composable building blocks and integrated low-code development tools.

 Composable Apps


Modify and re-deploy quickly to meet customer expectations.

 Composable Apps


New features and updates can be deployed faster by building and testing smaller, independent components.

 Composable Apps

Reduce Costs

Cost of new, custom application development is reduced and achieves a higher ROI.

 Composable Apps


Align functionality to market changes and business transformations.

 Composable Apps

How Do Composable Applications Work?

By using a combination shared services and the interactive modeling engine, Aras’ product data platform allows companies to establish the behaviors of a composable application with the organizations specific business rules.

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 Composable Apps

Growing Applications in Airbus’ “Greenhouse”

Airbus IT recognized that many applications needed to be modernized, upgraded, and integrated in order to gain efficiency, improve performance, and digitally transform the company.

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