Just because you can automate everything, doesn’t mean you should.  Over-automation causes two problems. First, it complicates and delays your PLM implementation while driving up costs. Second, it can create rigid business rules that take users – actual human beings with sound judgment – out of the loop and cause unintended consequences. You’re much better off automating consistent and predictable routines as opposed to highly variable, non-standard activities.

If you’re stuck: Don’t try to automate away all the decisions. Too many companies think they have to automate every mouse click in order to justify the cost of their PLM system. There’s nothing wrong with allowing people to use their judgment. The value of PLM comes from better access to information, greater coordination of processes, more informed decision making, and the ability to respond to and capitalize on changing marketing conditions. Your PLM system shouldn’t run your business for you. Rather it should help you run your business better.