PLM that is truly future-proof and resilient will adapt to changing business requirements. It will ensure that your customizations can always move forward to the next version of the software. And it will never leave you locked out of your own data.

Resilient, future-proof PLM – and the investment you make in it – persists independent of changes to your business processes, the operating system, database, upgrades, features etc. These changes could be as simple as switching to a new browser or as complex as changing use cases when acquiring other companies, moving into new vertical markets, adding product lines or adjusting processes to meet new compliance mandates.

A truly resilient PLM will last 20 years or more. In fact, it should last indefinitely.

Aras PLM is Resilient.

Open – From our open architecture to our enterprise open source approach and transparent data model Aras is all open, all the time, so we can easily adapt to changes in your business and work with the latest technology.

Subscriber Upgrade Guarantee – All upgrades to your Aras PLM system are included in your annual subscription fee. When it’s time to upgrade we take care of everything, including upgrading all your customizations.

Self-Documenting System – No more relying on vendors, consultants, in-house system gurus or tribal knowledge. With a self-documenting system you know you’ll always have the information you need to take your PLM system forward.

Company Culture – Our motto is "no customer left behind." We guarantee you will never be forced into an expensive upgrade and that the codes and methods you've developed will still run 20 years from now.

With Aras, your PLM is truly future-proof.

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