I recently read a blog post by Yoann Maignon titled, "PLM Customization is Scary for a Lot of People!" It's a great read and it got me thinking…

Customizing PLM can be overwhelming for many companies, but not for Aras PLM subscribers. Why not? Because customizing Aras, as Yoann says, "is simple!"

Aras is designed to be easy to use AND easy customize. Our model-based SOA and graphical drag and drop make it easy to customize Aras to your unique needs. The ability to fine tune your PLM can make a huge impact on your business processes. And that's what it's all about, customizing Aras to fit YOUR business needs. Not the other way around.

Another reason companies fear customizations is upgrades. With legacy PLM systems, this is an understandable. Aras takes that fear away. Again, it's all about our architecture and, with the Aras Subscription, upgrades are built-in free of charge, regardless of how much you've customized Aras.

So now you know there's no reason to be intimidated by customizing Aras to fit your business needs. Don’t compromise, when you can customize.