"According to Accenture Strategy, 85% of executives polled in a recent survey stated that legacy technology hampers their digital transformation efforts."

Ponce de Leon may have begun the search for the Fountain of Youth, but who knew it would actually be found in, of all things, enterprise software?

Bet you’ve never thought of enterprise software as being eternally youthful. After all, you’re probably more than familiar with the challenges involved in many software upgrades and then, when “completed,” realizing your software version is actually not the latest and greatest. 

What if there were a way to upgrade without fear of data loss—without months and months of code freezes and lost productivity? Too good to be true? As much of a myth as the Fountain of Youth or the Lost City of El Dorado?  

The key to eternally “youthful” software can be traced back to development on a resilient platform that is open, flexible, scalable AND UPGRADEABLE

So, what stops many organizations from drinking deeply from this Fountain of Youth and digitally transforming their business? Fear! Do you find yourself asking—what pain is going to be involved in upgrading…will I have down time…will I be at risk of losing data?  But, if you don’t upgrade, how will you be able to meet the needs in an ever changing, competitive business landscape or keep up with the latest technology advances? You can’t solve the technical and business challenges of tomorrow with yesterday’s solutions.  After all, tomorrow’s digital processes don’t even exist today. That’s why you need to have the flexibility to constantly evolve. Customization is crucial in addressing these continuously evolving needs.

So, you may ask, where do I find this magical elixir to spur my digital transformation and keep my organization ahead of the curve? Does such a thing even exist?

The Aras Platform can be the source of your organization’s Fountain of Youth.  And here’s the map to it:

Aras offers a unique, resilient platform built on a layered architecture. It starts with a services layer comprising a suite of services. On top of that is a Modeling Engine that employs the data, processes, logic, and user interface needed to build a given application. It’s here that the Fountain of Youth really creates the magic. The Modeling Engine manages the PLM applications and connects to PLM behaviors defined by the Services layer. Together, these are the building blocks for Aras’ flexible, out-of-the-box applications. Companies also use this same engine to build custom applications for their own specific needs. The Services Layer is not affected by changes made via the Modeling Engine, meaning that the Platform is easily upgradeable, no matter how complex or customized. 

The secret to the fountain of youth—the modeling is done using a “drag and drop” user interface, not by writing code. As a result, the platform is very flexible—you can use the applications “as is,” adapt them to suit your organization’s specific needs, or create entirely new ones that haven’t even been thought of yet. Not only are you forever youthful, you can also access information sources that were previously deemed inaccessible—the world is wide open.

All of Aras’ applications are built using the Modeling Engine and these applications can be further adapted to your particular use cases using those same modeling tools. Applications built with the Modeling Engine are, by their very nature, build to be upgradeable.

It is this ability to upgrade, to take advantage of all of the latest tools and features that are available, that keep your applications “forever youthful.” Best of all, Aras will complete subscribers’ upgrades for them at no additional cost—it’s all part of the subscription. Approximately, one third of Aras subscribers upgrade each year—with ZERO data loss regardless of how heavily customized the software is. Ensuring that their systems remain forever youthful!

If you’re struggling with technical debt—trying to keep your current out-of-date systems running while falling further and further behind, and spending more and more just to keep the old systems running—take a dip in the Aras fountain of youth and discover what you’ve been missing.