Empower Engineering Change – New Proficiency for Interdisciplinary Change Management

We are transforming from focusing on products to increasingly interdisciplinary and networked systems. These systems are built using a combination of mechanical design, E/E development, and software engineering. The increasing interdependencies between engineering artifacts require new methods to manage engineering change. Against this background, the potential of integrating Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Product Lifecycle Management will be highlighted in this webinar.

The heterogeneous data from various development tools require new approaches to engineering change management. With the help of MBSE models, the impact of a change can be analyzed across development disciplines. At the same time, a PLM backbone can manage formal changes via workflows that cross IT system boundaries. The interaction of the systems and a connection via EAN-CAD/Software-Integrated Development Environment (SW-IDE) will be highlighted in the webinar.

Aras Product Manager Leigh Young, Rik Rasor of Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design (IEM) and Robert Huxel, director of Business Development & Marketing, XPLM, show the benefits of interdisciplinary change management. They will share best practices based on Fraunhofer IEM’s 10 years of experience.