Revolutionizing the Power of Digital Thread

A Game-Changer for Aerospace & Defense

Recent CIMdata research indicates that digital thread investment within the ecosystem of industrial users, their customers, suppliers, and solution providers will proliferate in the Aerospace and Defense industry. The findings also show that the fundamental digital thread issues evident in Aerospace and Defense are similar for all sectors with complex and regulated products, although the motivations may differ.

In this webinar, James Roche, Executive Consultant at CIMdata, David Ewing, Digital Engineering Director at SAIC, and Paweł Z. Chądzyński, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Aras share their insights on how digital thread solutions can streamline the product lifecycle, enhance collaboration and communication, and improve regulatory compliance. Discover how recent advances in PLM solutions make automated linkages and traceability a practical possibility for these industries, all characterized by complex products. The webinar discusses a digital thread’s definition, characteristics, and benefits and provides valuable insights on lessons learned that apply to your organization.