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Intellectual Property Rights

Occasionally a partner or third party wishes to include information from Aras documents or videos into presentations or other literature. Any unauthorized use of any content, in part or in whole, contained on the Aras web site or content that is made available via MyInnovator to partners, is strictly prohibited without written permission. Requests to do so must be submitted to [email protected] in writing with an explanation of usage intent and must be approved in writing by Aras. You will be required to credit the appropriate Aras document or URL in your materials and provide notice of copyright ownership. Examples of source crediting are as follows:

  • © 2024 Aras,
  • Source: Aras, Presentation “Data in Context: Leveraging the Modern Digital Thread”, ACE, March 2024

Aras requires the use of the entirety of the content from the original source. This is to ensure the accuracy of the represented information. For example, content from PowerPoint slides must not be altered in any way to remove the original layout, content, colors and the presence of the Aras logo and copyright date.

Aras can work with you to create co-branded versions of any materials for you to use in most cases.

Powered by Aras

Unless otherwise instructed by Aras in writing at any moment in time, Ansys and/or Dealer-Resellers shall use the phrase “Powered by Aras” with the first occurrence of the combined product name in all instances, including but not limited to all packaging, internet content, press releases, product presentations, training materials, videos, webinars, advertising, initial splash screen and related marketing material regarding the combined product, and in the accompanying documentation.