One of the most important parts of managing your production is keeping track of all your projects. Our Program Management (PM) application allows you to manage your projects and ensure they are running on track. This blog will go over the basics of using PM as well as how to install it into your Aras Innovator instance.


PM has multiple different ItemTypes which can handle many different aspects of your production. The most substantial part of PM is the Projects ItemType. Projects are Items which allow you to track the progress on large groups of tasks over a large time span. Projects can be split up into phases, allowing for more focused tracking during different portions of the Project. All of the phases of a project are rolled up into a project plan, which can be seen in the relationship tab of the Project ItemType.

Each phase of the project can have deadlines and deliverables, all scoped within the timeframe you set for your project. These deliverables are links to other Innovator items, and can be configured to be whatever you’d like. Deliverables can also be assigned to individual users, which allows for increased accountability. The project plan also has direct links to all deliverables and attachments, leading to solid traceability.

Projects can be bundled up into Programs, which allow you to group your Projects however you see fit. On top of this you can leverage Secure Social Visual Collaboration to communicate in real time on both the Project and Program ItemTypes.


To install PM you’ll need to use Aras Update, which can be downloaded [here]. Upon opening Aras Update you’ll see all the applications provided by Aras. Select PM 12.0R1 if you’re using Aras Innovator 12, or the appropriate version for your service pack. Download the package and then click the install button. Choose detailed logging, and then fill out the necessary details on the following page.

The above image is what the default Aras Innovator installation would look like. Make sure to include your own credentials. Once the installer has run you should be all set! To verify, open up your Innovator instance. You should see some new ItemTypes under the “Portfolio” category on the TOC. You can also verify that your installation worked by looking at your system variables. There it keeps track of all the applications you have installed and which version you have of each.


And there you have it! Program Management can be incredibly useful in ensuring everyone is on the same page about deadlines and deliverables, while never needing to leave Aras Innovator. Let us know how your organization is utilizing PM in the comments section below!