1. Is your platform customizable and then, once customized, can you upgrade easily and without data loss?
    A resilient platform has an underlying technology that is flexible, scalable, and upgradeable—even when heavily customized.
  2. Does your platform enable the creation of an end-to-end Digital Thread?
    A resilient platform connects data throughout the entire lifecycle—breaking down information silos and enabling the Digital Thread.
  3. Does your platform give you the flexibility to meet process requirements that don’t exist today?
    Out-of-the-box software may be able to meet today’s needs but, the digital processes of tomorrow don’t exist today. A resilient platform offers the flexibility to customize to meet ever-changing needs without sacrificing your ability to upgrade.
  4.  Does your platform give you total data transparency?
    A resilient platform allows organizations to own your data instead of leaving it captive to aging technology or a software vendor’s native software.
  5. Does your “platform” provider try to make you fit their single deployment model?
    A resilient platform offers choice when it comes to deployment. On-premise, in a data center, on the Cloud, or a combination for a hybrid deployment. Whatever works best for YOU!
  6. Can your “platform” technically evolve?
    A resilient platform will evolve over time and adapt to new and improved technology without extensive redesign efforts Aras offers a truly resilient platform comprised of a rich set of Platform Services that enables behaviors on any type of data. Core services such as “search,” “access control,” “workflow,” and “file vaulting” are built to be highly secure and extremely scalable.

On top of the services layer, Aras has a Modeling Engine that employs the data, processes, logic, and user interface needed to build a given application. Another Aras advantage—the modeling is done using a “drag and drop” user interface, not by writing code—creating an industrial low-code environment. As a result, the platform is very flexible—you can use the applications “as is,” adapt them to suit your organization’s specific needs, or even create entirely new ones that haven’t even been thought of yet.

All of Aras’ Applications are built using the Modeling Engine and Platform Services. Applications can be further adapted to your particular use cases using these modeling tools and are, by their very nature, built to be upgradeable.

Additionally, resiliency is seen in the various ways to connect to the platform. Users can connect via various Clients, including web and mobile interfaces. External systems can be integrated via Connectors, using open Aras APIs and modeling techniques.

All of this is available in an all-inclusive subscription model. But, what’s really unique, is the fact that an Aras subscription includes all upgrades (regardless of how heavily you’ve customized your software) and they are performed for you by the Aras Upgrade Team. No one else offers that.

For more on the Aras’ platform resiliency, read “The Aras Resilient Platform” white paper and “The Resilient Thinker” eBook.