Good morning,

I wanted to personally send a note to our community to tell you about our acquisition of Comet Solutions and share some thoughts on what it means for the Aras Community.

We have been on the journey together to develop a modern PLM platform built on openness and community input. Many of you have been thinking about the next phase of product development around Digital Twin and predictive maintenance. Simulation, along with MRO, are two of the key pieces to get there.

Simulation is already an important part of product development, and we only see it growing in utility. However, we need to unlock its value by connecting it to mainstream design.

To date, simulation process and data management (SPDM) has not been implemented well in the industry, and our opportunity now is to do for simulation what we have done for PLM – provide an open, flexible, scalable platform approach. The addition of Comet Solutions will help us get there.

Comet Solutions provides simulation tool management to help the analysts be more productive by reusing simulations and orchestrating simulation tool chains. Those capabilities are important to help scale the volume of simulation. Our goal is to get simulation into mainstream design and onto the Digital Thread for traceability, collaboration, and all those benefits. This is where Comet’s capability connected to our platform delivers flexibility and the opportunity to expand simulation's use across the enterprise.

Previously, we issued a press release that outlines what we see as core tenets to ready organizations for higher volume of simulation. It also provides context for the Comet acquisition. You can read that release here.

Almost exactly a year ago, we announced funding from Silver Lake and GE with the goal to go faster, deliver better performance, and add more functionality. With the acquisition of Comet Solutions, we now have the means to connect simulation to operating configuration (and vice versa) for predictive maintenance and closed-loop feedback.

As we bring more capability onto the platform, the one continuing ask I have for all of you is: use as much functionality as possible that we are providing! It's all yours to build what you can imagine.


Peter Schroer

CEO & Founder, Aras

Peter Schroer