OK so its not quite as exciting as Bob Barker calling you to the Price Is Right stage but the Aras Solution Showcase is an exciting part of the ACE event.

The Solution Showcase is a part of the event where our customers show off their work.  The nicname for this event is the Rapid Fire Demos – it  allows our users to show off their creative developments in quick 5 minute demos.  No PowerPoint engineering here – just demos straight from the source.  Not everyone wants to get on stage for a 45 min presentation and then answer questions.  So this is an ideal format to get the skinny and none of the fluff.

As a current user or prospective customer there is sure to be something that catches your eye.  It could be a reporting tool or an admin tool or an interesting data model.  One great aspect of our user community is that they are willing to help and share with each other.  We feel that is a great advantage that our new or prospective customers can take comfort in.  Now that you have a taste – seek out that presenter, strike up a conversation, and  get more good information.  This is really what networking is all about – this is the value the ACE event brings to your firm.

We have interesting examples in queue this year.  If you are interested in being part of the solution showcase please email me at dewing(at)aras.com.  I am excited to see everyone at ACE this year.  You will find me there geeking out during the showcase!

I hope to see you there!


A sample of last year's presenters: