Yesterday we announced Aras VPLM – full-scale, enterprise PLM built on top of Autodesk® Vault. Sounds good, right? But you're probably wondering how Aras VPLM is different than Autodesk PLM 360?

First, we all know that Autodesk Vault is great for managing Autodesk design files, but what if you've got more than Autodesk files and need more than just CAD management? What if you need enterprise-wide PLM?

With Aras VPLM you get proven, full-scale, enterprise PLM right out of the box that includes BOM management for complex product structures and multi-CAD capabilities that Autodesk PLM simply can't handle, including CATIA, NX and EDA / ECAD systems such as Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Zuken and others.

Second, Autodesk PLM 360 is great if you want to run your enterprise PLM deployment in the Cloud. In that case, PLM 360 is your "go to" answer. But, what if you're not sure about running all you PLM processes from the cloud and storing your PLM data there as well. Then what?

Now there's an alternative. Aras VPLM runs on your servers, on your network. So what? So it's about "options," that's what. For example, Aras VPLM is easy to connect to your Active Directory for single sign-on. That's something you just can't do right now with PLM 360.

The great thing about options is that even if you don't always exercise them, it's really nice to know they're there if you want them.

So, if you're attending Autodesk University next week, check out Autodesk Vault – it's the best CAD file manager for the Autodesk design suite – and take a look at PLM 360 as well.

Then have a look at Aras VPLM to get an idea of your options. Then you should be able to figure out what's right for your business.

Want to know more? Check out and sign-up for the free VPLM webcast on December 12th.